See What Parents Are Saying

“I absolutely love the idea of water-based wipes, especially after having my daughter, who had very sensitive skin as an infant. She had dry and itchy spots of eczema, and got red, painful diaper rash very easily. We quickly figured out that using anything on her skin with added scents or cleaning agents, including detergents or wipes, made it worse. I tried many kinds of “natural” and “clean” wipes, with only some success. Finally, I tried Bets & Emy, and they made a huge difference! Using them, I was confident that I wasn’t harming her skin. I could even use them to quickly wipe smudges off her face (one of her most sensitive areas) without worrying that she would break out. I also use them on my toddler son, and it feels good to know that I’m using something natural on him, too. I’m excited to have a wipe that cleans well, doesn’t fall apart, and contains no extra chemicals — only what’s necessary and what’s gentle for her skin.” – April H.

“Like most Mom’s I am constantly juggling. Work, home, kids – repeat. Finding Bets & Emy has given me one less thing to worry about because I know this simple product is the absolute best choice for my kids. To be able to safely use these wipes all over their little bodies AND clean up the yogurt on the stroller without worrying about harmful chemicals is pretty amazing.” – Annmarie K.

“Although my kids are no longer in diapers we are using on hands, arms, mouths, etc. Your wipes are so soft! My 7 yr old says it feels like lotion when he uses it. I can tell you it has been tested on the endlessly annoying orange Doritos dust that stick on my kids hands and your wipes cleaned off the sticky stuff no problem. And your wipe is pleasant to smell unlike other wipes that totally smell like chemicals. So yeah, we love them!” – Jenny W.